£4.50, Fear Bear Fear, & R.A.S.S.

Jessie Flood-Paddock



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A collection of the three works made by Jessie Flood-Paddock as part of her 2015-16 residency.

Jessie Flood-Paddock Works


Included in the collection are:

Redundant Acronym Syndrome Syndrome, August 2016


Set in a supermarket and a hospital ward, R.A.S.S. is a fluid set of thoughts organised into the structure of a two-hander play. The characters observe the world around them commenting on what they see and think, but there is also the sense that they are under observation themselves, particularly as one is receiving treatment in a hospital. Their free-flowing conversation develops its own orthography, forming versatile acronyms for just about anything.


Fear Bear Fear, March 2016


Evoking the fear and exhilaration of being close to a dangerous situation, Fear Bear Fear meanders along a trail of almost stream of conscious writing to ask the question of whether really understanding or knowing about something can actually keep you safe.


£4.50, September 2015


Like a diary to oneself, £4.50 describes a teenager taking her first steps into an adult world. Layering memoir, observation and fiction it details how these early experiences shape us and how decades later these memories are still very close at hand.


These first-person texts draw on autobiography, memoir and fiction. Jessie Flood-Paddock uses concrete techniques to articulate her spatial and sculptural interests, using layout and design to build a structure around the writing and give it form.


Edited by Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly


Akerman Daly
Various formats
Designed by Marion Guérineau