Flash 500 posters

Posters of each individual Flash 500 work are available from: Paul Rooney, George Shaw, Simon Bill, Mikey Cuddihy, Daniela Cascella, Audrey Reynolds, Susan Finlay, Pamela Golden, Milly Thompson, Fabian Peake, Maria Zahle, Jeffrey Dennis, Francesco Pedraglio, Edward Allington, Siôn Parkinson, Dorothy Cross, Jason Coburn, Timothy Hyman, Charlotte Young, Patrick Coyle, Paul Becker, Giorgio Sadotti, Paul Hamlyn, Jason Dungan, Fiona Banner, Sue Tompkins, Richard Billingham, Brian Catling, Jess Flood-Paddock, Brighid Lowe, Simon Faithfull, Georgia Hayes.

Commissioned and published by Akerman DalyA2, 594 x 420 mm
190gsm, satin
Designed by O-SB Design
September 2013


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