Susan Finley


In the midst of interminable Brexit fatigue and the whole sorry caravan of the Brexit saga, Akerman Daly present a new artwork: The Brexit Chronicles by Susan Finlay.


Charting Finlay’s self-imposed exile to Berlin, the political uncertainty of leaving the EU forms a backdrop for cultural misunderstandings of all kinds. Conceived as a parody of manners, confusion reigns and relationships are tested: is Klaudia mit K going to win Germany’s Next Top Model, is Anna having an affair with Helmut, can you have too many Cos blouses and why has no one heard anything from Jezza Corbyn?

Finlay’s intentionally sketchy plot keeps the drama moving in a Brexit-entangling circle – what if Google Translate can’t help?

The Brexit Chronicles, an audio work in nine parts that was sent out November 2018.