Alison Ballance


Alison Ballance’s residency focuses on the relationship between writing and performance. She has produced three pieces of work based a single night’s sleep: Part One: Getting to Sleep; Part Two: The Dream; Part Three: Up.


Part Three: Up



Other people’s gardens. Wandsworth Roundabout, 2011.  You showed me your garden after we’d emailed for a while about growing things.  I confused the meeting time and turned up hungover and worried and I didn’t like that part of town.  You’d waited for me for an hour, but it didn’t matter.  Let’s go and see the garden.  Wandsworth Roundabout was a big subway system inside of a thick ring of traffic – there was a billboard structure in the centre made from infinite cold tubes and an unexpected half-acre of green.  We got to your garden by walking through a small field the other side of a wooden gate.  Near your garden there were some very very old trees and some visitors had made clay faces in their bark and others had stuck beer cans on the branches.     and I couldn’t play anymore.  The garden was an interrupted childhood game with all the pieces left where they’d last been placed.  I’d come with some seedlings to plant in your garden as arranged, but felt too out of step to enjoy myself.  Your garden was strange and lovely: potato circles in the shade and happy mirrors and dots of rainbow ends in between the trees.


Part Two: The Dream


A collection of prints and writings and photos and watercoloured silks that was sent out in the post and as a pdf to our mailing list.


Click here to view the PDF.



Part One: Getting to Sleep


A series of five audio files sent to our mailing list over the week of 12 July 2017.


Trailer: Short Excerpt From Early AM Play



Alison Ballance is known for making textiles, painting, writing, video and performances. Recent exhibitions include Wherewithal at Peer Gallery, London; new video work in A Retreat in Time, and Focal Point Gallery’s offsite project and new performance as part of We all have a problem with representation, The Showroom (all 2016).