Artists Writes with Crescent Arts, Scarborough and Patrick Coyle

4 May and 25 July 2012

A two-day writing and editing workshop with artists from Crescent Arts in Scarborough. Part one included discussions of texts by writers and artists Paul Auster, Harold Pinter, Bob and Roberta Smith, Brighid Lowe, Claes Oldenburg, John Berger, Thomas Hardy, Philip Larkin, Tom Phillips, Jon Thompson and Brion Gysin among others, and covered AD’s approach to publishing artists’s writing. We were joined by Patrick Coyle who talked about his online residency with us and gave a live performance of his work Beats 1, Beats II and Beats III. For part two of the workshop, participating artists wrote new pieces of writing that were then edited, performed and recorded.

Artist Writes is a strand of Crescent Arts’s professional development programme. It takes its impetus from the needs, intentions and aspirations of visual artists to produce text themselves or to generate texts that have relevance to their practice: the artist as writer / artists and writers / text and context. The recordings and audio works were presented at Crescent Arts as part of Soundings (22 September – 20 October 2012). Exhibiting artists are Janet White, Susan Timmins, Karen Thompson, Susan Slann, Steven Potter, Jade Montserrat, Emma Miller, Adele Longstaff, Stuart Cameron, Dawn Brooks.
In association with Crescent Arts