Paul Buck

Out in the World (Selected Letters of Jane Bowles 1935–1970)

Jane Bowles

Most of the work by Jane Bowles has resided on my shelves for many years, a writer who has meant more to me than Paul Bowles. Her letters to her husband, as to Libby Holman, played an important part in my writing of Walking into Myself.


From one of her last letters, this one to Libby Holman:


‘My eyes are bad again – won’t focus at all. I got much too nervous taking those trips and trying to fend for myself on the boat I imagine.


Anyway I am here but everything swimms before my eyes. It is a kind of “nervous breakdown,” and I should never have gone. Or I should have stayed longer. It was folly to come back that quickly and I deeply regret it. I had no time to see anyone because of my obsessive terror that I would in the end not get back at all.’



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