Paul Buck

Deconstruction & Criticism

Bloom et al.

The inclusion of a lengthy (101 page) essay Living On by Jacques Derrida (is there any other form of Derrida essay?) had caught my attention when it was published, in 1979, because of its focus on Maurice Blanchot, and particularly La Folie du jour (a translation [by Michael Holland] of which I had already published in Velvet Curtains in 1974), and L’arrêt de mort (of which I had published a substantial amount of Lydia Davis’ translation in Split Curtains in 1975) as well as its additional text, Border Lines, that ran as a seven line band along the bottom of each page, commenting on the text and how it will be translated. Or as Geoffrey Hartman prefaced: ‘Derrida’s double analysis is an emblem of this, an expanding hendiadys, exegesis within or upon exegesis.’



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