Well erm therefore just have a look therefore the image therefore the first image is of a photo therefore the first image is a photo of therefore erm therefore a therefore bus window therefore I was looking thr- therefore I’ve been trying to write about looking through the bus window therefore and therefore then looking at the bus window at some point that I can’t really work out and then looking at the dots on the bus window which are a bit like therefore dots therefore in halftone printing therefore which means that therefore there are larger dots towards the bottom of the window therefore towards the bottom of the glass therefore erm therefore


and describing this reminds me of the performance I did a few therefore m- therefore maybe a month ago therefore at the Poetry Café in London where I attempted to recite therefore a therefore speech by Allen Ginsberg therefore where he talks about therefore I’m gonna try and remember it now where he says like therefore erm therefore something about therefore all the dots on the electric screen, he says ‘If you will keep your mind on the image in front of you which is my face in the camera therefore or in your TV tube or screen TV tube therefore and realise that I am therefore


looking from the other side of a c- therefore directly into like therefore a little black hole, imagining that you are there therefore and also imagining what would be possible to say therefore that would actually communicate therefore through all the electricity and all the glass and all the dots on the electric screen therefore so that don’t you, you’re not deceived by the image scene therefore but that we are therefore but that we are all therefore both on the same beam’ therefore or something like that so anyway he talks about that therefore and therefore that somehow was still in my head when I started looking at this window therefore on the bus in London therefore ahm therefore


and they reminded me of therefore I guess of halftone dots therefore and therefore of Lichtenstein using Ben-Day dots and therefore of Bridget Riley using similar dots therefore and therefore Sigmar Polke to some extent therefore but mainly of the printing process using halftone therefore dots therefore I therefore uhm I noticed a lot of things therefore this, this was just the beginning of erm therefore a trip therefore to Madrid therefore so therefore th- the next thing I noticed was erm therefore the therefore dots on my iPhone when my therefore


Ph, iPhone is trying to load images therefore that therefore when it’s trying to load photographs therefore my iPhone’s really full at the moment it has about eight thousand images therefore and therefore it’s very slow so while it’s loading pictures it brings up a symbol which is like therefore two therefore rectangles one on top of the other and the first rectangle has three black dots in a row erm therefore a bit like an ellipsis and below that is a circular therefore animation therefore a circular animation with therefore twelve little lines therefore erm therefore


that go around in a circle therefore like a clock therefore and after that therefore that day, after I’d got the bus in London therefore to therefore work therefore I was therefore we started driving to Madrid therefore and that afternoon I was in a little therefore village called or town called Montreuil therefore which is close to Paris, where I saw a church with a large therefore err therefore window with therefore three four five six seven therefore circular windows inside it therefore and therefore also with a clock above it which obviously therefore resembled the therefore animation therefore on the iPhone therefore


then therefore shortly after seeing the church therefore I saw a big colourful mural on therefore the e-er railway bridge therefore also in Montreuil therefore which had a therefore a large circle painted therefore in like Trivial Pursuit therefore sort of erm therefore Trivial Pursuit therefore tsh- therefore kind of tr-triangles or pie-pieces or cheeses therefore and therefore erm therefore it a bit like it reminded me of a colour wheel when I was a kid therefore when I was learning about colours therefore and colour mixing and colour greys and all that therefore


and then therefore I guess therefore I suppose like, that evening, yeah therefore that evening I therefore tried to watch therefore TV on my laptop therefore I tried to watch iPlayer on my laptop therefore erm therefore and it wouldn’t allow that from France, so I tried to listen to the radio on iPlayer therefore which works from France but therefore the therefore thing I listened to on the radio was ‘Just A Minute’, the therefore long-running radio show therefore presented by Nicholas Parsons and the therefore kind of therefore press image for that show was


a photo of Nicholas Parsons therefore erm therefore pointing at a clock therefore and when the radio show was loading there was another circular animation therefore erm therefore this time of little therefore dots therefore going in a circle and when I took a screen grab of the animation happening on my computer therefore the therefore little white dots I think therefore yeah, little, they were white dots therefore they were perfectly around the edge of Nicholas Parsons’ mouth therefore so there’s him pointing at the clock and then therefore I therefore we stayed over in Montreuil and then therefore got therefore


oh I forgot to mention one other thing in Montreuil was this therefore phone-booth therefore which had therefore erm therefore a therefore an image like a, a diagram or a, a sort of relief design of a therefore phone therefore over the keypads of the phone therefore the keypads?! therefore the keypad therefore the buttons on the phone therefore erm therefore which was a grid of three-by-four therefore buttons therefore erm therefore I took therefore I guess it was dark then it was evening so it’s a much darker image therefore and therefore I think that’s all that happened in France yeah and then therefore no therefore because ok we got on the therefore road again the next day and started driving to therefore


Toulouse and therefore so yeah Toulouse the next day we stopped in Toulouse and I went for a walk as soon as we got to the hotel therefore and therefore saw a sign for a roundabout which is three arrows therefore going in a circle, pointing at each other therefore the point of each one therefore pointing at the end of each one therefore and therefore oh therefore then what? Mmm therefore Toulouse we went therefore we drove to Madrid and therefore Madrid has these big balls on the motorway by the erm therefore tollbooth things to pay to use the roads therefore and therefore they look like big red beachballs or something


erm therefore they go in lines of one big one, two small ones, one big one, two small ones etcetera therefore erm therefore they had a kind of jagged pattern on them as well which therefore was similar to the therefore I guess firstly they were similar to the Ben-Day dots if you got the Ben-Day dots and therefore er strung them out in a line therefore and put them out of order somehow so it was big therefore small small big, small small big etcetera and therefore the just the jagged design sl- was slightly reminiscent of therefore the therefore colour wheel therefore weird mural thing that I think has a question mark in the centre but I can’t remember and therefore I mean I can’t quite tell on the photo but anyway, Madrid therefore I think that was just at the border of France and therefore


Madrid and then we got to Madrid I guess? I can’t think therefore and therefore there was therefore I got in the lift therefore I went to the Prado Museum and therefore I was in the lift and therefore that had these therefore this circular patterned floor therefore with a hu- a big bulge in it for some reason therefore erm therefore so there’s this sort of circular bump therefore rising up therefore un- from underneath this material that was also therefore decorated I guess therefore with circles therefore that I think serve the practical use of therefore of being non-slip therefore and therefore also therefore in Madrid therefore I saw therefore a large therefore


hotel and in front of the hotel were these lampshades that are made up of therefore six lamps splitting off from one stem therefore so they’re quite like therefore poppy seed heads or erm therefore those dandelion therefore heads once you blow all the seeds off or therefore something like that therefore which of course reminded me of therefore the circular dots therefore animation of Nicholas Parsons’ mouth and of the therefore iPhone and the therefore church therefore window therefore and then therefore I got on a bus to the airport in Madrid therefore


and therefore the bus window therefore had not only the same dots as the bus window in London therefore the- the ones going in differing sizes but it also had this therefore this new thing which was a screen therefore erm therefore the screen made up text therefore advertising something on the outside of the bus therefore and therefore that intersected nicely with the therefore halftone dots therefore I still don’t know what they’re for therefore I think they may reduce flare or it may be to tell you that the glass is safety glass or that it’s therefore laminate or it might just be for decoration but I don’t therefore I don’t know if therefore it would be just for decoration therefore erm therefore something else


about decoration what was I thinking therefore about the erm therefore decoration therefore I guess therefore I guess therefore that the ones on the lift floor aren’t for decoration therefore I think the ones therefore the big balls on the motorway were therefore jagged so you notice them better, like the design was jagged so you notice them better therefore so I’m not sure if that’s decoration either therefore erm therefore so therefore Madrid therefore got to the airport and therefore came back to London therefore I think therefore yeah, I came back to London therefore and while I was in London I saw therefore er therefore


I didn’t really see anything erm therefore London, oh yeah, London I was back in London for about two days and then I went to therefore Hull therefore I went to Hull therefore and then to the Lake District to Cumbria where therefore I saw therefore a piece of sheep shit that someone had stood in therefore a, I was going to call it a pat but it’s not therefore really a sheep pat it’s just therefore sheep droppings that had been stepped on and the print therefore was remarkably similar to the therefore design of the phone-booth in Montreuil therefore less like less than a week earlier and therefore


I’m sure there was something else in the Lake District oh and also erm therefore there’s an umbrella therefore m- my dad has a colourful umbrella therefore that’s a bit like a colour wheel again therefore and therefore we were therefore me and my sister therefore and I think my mum was taking photos of me and my sister spinning the umbrella therefore so you got this blurred colour wheel which was a bit like the therefore the one in a Mac therefore when something’s loading and of course like therefore the loading signs in the iPhone and therefore iPlayer and the roundabout and the window and therefore the therefore dots therefore


the dots therefore what else? therefore oh and also in Cumbria I bought a bag of googly eyes therefore in a stationery shop therefore and therefore also in Cumbria I therefore I’d I therefore photographed the googly eyes therefore in a halftone formation therefore like the windows therefore like all the windows therefore and I therefore also took a photo through the screen on my mum’s car therefore one of the screens you can therefore slide up by the window of the passenger seat to block out the sun therefore took a photo of a field therefore through that therefore which of course was similar to the Madrid bus that intersected with the halftone dots which were like the London bus therefore


and therefore then therefore went back from Cumbria to Hull therefore took a daytrip to Leeds therefore in the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds there was a window covered in a metal erm grate therefore circular metal grate therefore so I took a photo through that grate therefore of the yard next to the Henry Moore Institute galleries and therefore that was similar to therefore everything else and therefore also therefore got back to Hull therefore and got a bus back from therefore Hull which also had a circular logo of the bus in the same kind of mesh print of the therefore


bus in Madrid and therefore the bus in Hull of course also had a Ben-Day dot kind of design along the bottom of the windows therefore slightly different though I think therefore maybe one two three therefore one two three one two therefore mmm therefore I’m not sure, I think therefore I think it was three high therefore three high therefore yeah, it was different because the Madrid one therefore was five high, I think therefore and therefore I therefore once there was therefore oh and there was another one through the window therefore of my mum’s car that I noticed the therefore they do a similar thing with mesh therefore stuff on the window behind the wing therefore behind the mirror, the mirror


for the driver to see behind them therefore the one in the windscreen and therefore then I got a train back to Hull therefore no therefore then I got a train from Hull therefore back to London and remembered therefore no therefore hang on therefore I saw therefore the matchbox in the toilet in London and I photographed the edge of that because it was therefore similar dots to all the dots and then I remembered this therefore pegboard I bought from a charity shop therefore that’s like the peg the t- therefore text pegboard things you can therefore that you of- that you see in cafés and things and erm therefore yeah I therefore I used therefore I used the pegboard therefore


I took a photo of the pegboard therefore and therefore oh, I forgot to talk about the gun therefore there’s this gun therefore that I also saw in Leeds therefore in the Royal Armouries Museum therefore which is a knuckleduster and a revolver and a knife all in one and the therefore four holes for the fingers of the knuckleduster were very similar to the f- therefore the dots in Nicholas Parsons’ mouth therefore and all the other dots therefore and therefore then finally therefore I therefore in London I remembered the pegboard therefore I collaged together photos of everything therefore printed therefore in halftone therefore dots therefore and laid it over the pegboard


therefore and punched through every hole therefore with a pencil.