During 2017, Milly will produce new works for the AD website, to be sent direct to your inbox, as well as free limited edition works to be sent by post to subscribers who have provided their postal details.


On the 27th September, Milly Thompson sent out her perfume lifestyle for middle-aged woman, titled ‘Beach-body-ready-_-fit-for-the-age-at-any-age – Tanned/Toned/Happy-Sarong’.
Click here to view the PDF, designed to be seen on mobile devices.

Milly sent out three videos to our mailing list on the 8th of June under the title of ‘My body temperature is feeling good’



Milly Thompson’s work focuses on pleasure, hypocrisy and self-promotion. Her exhibition COUGAR includes paintings and poster-prints, drawing out ideas about female mid-life seduction and the politics of high end collecting.


Milly Thompson - I Choose Painting
Click here to read a PDF of Milly’s manifesto, I Choose Painting.