Alison Ballance


Alison Ballance’s residency focuses on the relationship between writing and performance. She will produce three pieces of work based a single night’s sleep: Part One: Getting to Sleep; Part Two: The Dream; Part Three: Waking Up.


Part Two: The Dream


A collection of prints and writings and photos and watercoloured silks that was sent out in the post and as a pdf to our mailing list.


Click here to view the PDF.



Part One: Getting to Sleep


A series of five audio files sent to our mailing list over the week of 12 July 2017.


Trailer: Short Excerpt From Early AM Play



Alison Ballance is known for making textiles, painting, writing, video and performances. Recent exhibitions include Wherewithal at Peer Gallery, London; new video work in A Retreat in Time, and Focal Point Gallery’s offsite project and new performance as part of We all have a problem with representation, The Showroom (all 2016).