2:30 am play was sent out to our mailing list over the week of the 12th July. The full series of 5 audio files is available below.



Alison Ballance joins Milly Thompson as AD resident artist 2017. Alison Ballance will use the residency to focus on the relationship between writing and performance in her practice. For Ballance, the moments when the two look at each other and acknowledge their proximity is necessary in order for the work to exist, for them to be together when neither knows what is going to happen next or where the work will take them.


She is currently working on two pieces: a written and recorded text that remembers different stories of characters whose tongues were cut out, and a play, written and edited in the text message function of a phone. A section from SHORT EXCERPT from Early AM Play is reproduced here.


Ballance is known for making textiles, painting, writing, video and performances. Recent exhibitions include Wherewithal at Peer Gallery, London; new video work in A Retreat in Time, Focal Point Gallery’s offsite project and new performance as part of We all have a problem with representation, The Showroom (all 2016).